Chief Retail Officer

Smith and Wilkinson has been retained by OceanFirst Bank on the newly created role of Chief Retail Officer. The Chief Retail Officer will hold a pivotal role within the leadership team, overseeing all facets of Retail Banking, Nest Egg, and Business Banking. Charged with crafting short and long-term strategic plans, this executive collaborates closely with the Executive Management Team to align business goals and product offerings. Responsible for driving growth, the Chief Retail Officer leads the management teams for Business Banking Lending, Nest Egg, and Retail businesses, ensuring efficient operations and the achievement of divisional revenue targets. A key ambassador for the institution, this leader represents the bank across its footprint, embodying the aspiration to be the financial institution of choice in the market. From fostering community relations to enforcing compliance with regulations, the Chief Retail Officer plays a multifaceted role, driving the bank’s culture of responsibility and overseeing budget adherence.

In addition to the strategic and leadership responsibilities, the Chief Retail Officer actively collaborates with the Executive Management Team to set and achieve goals for Retail Banking, Business Banking, and Nest Egg. This entails formulating and implementing effective strategies and procedures throughout all regions of the bank. From analyzing activity levels and providing insightful reports to direct supervision of key roles such as Retail Regionals, Business Banking Supervisor, and Nest Egg Sales Manager, this executive ensures the seamless execution of initiatives for Retail, Business Banking, and Nest Egg. By serving as a member of committees such as the Asset/Liability Committee (ALCO) and contributing to the oversight of capital and operational budgets, the Chief Retail Officer plays a vital role in shaping the bank’s success and fostering a culture of excellence and responsibility.

Please contact Stephen Peary or Darcy Flaherty to learn more about this opportunity.


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