Water Treatment Operations Manager

We have partnered with the Toho Water Authority and are leading the recruitment efforts for their Water Treatment Operations Manager opening. This position provides leadership, oversight, and support for the Water Operations Division, which includes the Water Treatment staff and Facilities (including distribution system booster pump stations) and the Water Quality Management + Hydrant/Valve Team.


Toho Water Authority (Toho) is the largest provider of water, wastewater, and reclaimed water services in Osceola County, FL. They continue to grow and are committed to sustainable water reuse for aquafer recharging and crop irrigation.


The attitude and culture at Toho are innovative, almost like a start-up, and with a growth mindset. Current facilities range in size from the North Bermuda Water Reclamation Facility under design to increase capacity to 16 MGD and four employees to small 1 MGD unstaffed treatment sites.


Some exciting projects that Toho is undertaking include the new Shingle Creek Surface Water Treatment Facility and the development of the Cypress Lake alternative water supply reverse osmosis desalination treatment plant.



  • Oversees Capital and Operating Budgets including: Preparation of budgets; Reviews expenditures relative to the budgets; Processes and approves requisitions; Reviews and approves invoices; Requests/approves funds transfers when/if needed.
  • Provide oversight and support for the water treatment and water quality management teams through regular (at least weekly) meetings. Meet regularly with each foreman and section manager individually.
  • Maintains records, prepares reports, and composes correspondence relative to the work.
  • Develops and implements program goals and plans, recommending and formulating procedures, policies, and guidelines.
  • Evaluates and verifies employee performance by establishing goals; reviewing annual and interim job performances; and providing guidance to staff.
  • Develops, oversees, and ensures successful implementation of various staff certifications, and training.
  • Oversees water quality investigation and improvement programs from the source raw water to the receiving customers. This includes treatment plant process improvements and distribution system management techniques, tools, and programs.
  • Manages and collaborates with consultants. Effectively communicates and collaborates with Toho Water Authority internal groups (including senior leadership).
  • Supports development and review of Water Supply Plans (WSP), from new source water to recommendation of distribution infrastructure improvements. Manages the implementation of new water programs, including new distribution system component management.
  • Ensures successful department regulatory compliance reporting. Develops and implements proactive customer and internal communications when/if water quality is, or could be, problematic.
  • Serves as a liaison with other agencies, municipalities, and organizations.
  • Performs related work and/or related special projects as assigned.


Any combination of education and experience demonstrating the candidate’s ability to perform successfully in this position will be considered.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Environmental Science, Engineering, or related field.
  • Approximately 10 years of relevant experience.
  • A water Treatment License is preferred.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid State of Florida Class E Driver’s License.
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