Remote Work Survey 2020

smith and wilkinson remote work survey graphic
In response to countless conversations with leaders of community financial institutions (FI’s) during the COVID-19 lockdown about what returning to the workplace will look like, we decided to put data behind the question of “What are other institutions planning to do?” We were thrilled with the response that the survey received, with CEO’s and senior Human Resources executives from 57 FI’s taking the time to weigh in on what remote work looked like at their institutions pre-COVID, during the lockdown, and what they anticipate it will look like as organizations prepare to return part, or all, of their workforce to the office. Surveyed FI’s were asked to identify by institution type, asset size, and to describe the markets that they serve, as well as to select the likelihood that certain roles would be considered for remote work post-pandemic.


S&W Remote Work Survey Results 2020

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