Ransom Consulting, Inc. Hires David Cedarholm as Senior Civil Engineering & Senior Project Manager

The S&W Engineering & Environmental Practice partnered with one of their longtime and premier clients, Ransom Consulting, Inc. for the hire of David Cedarholm as Senior Civil Engineering & Senior Project Manager to manage projects and mentor a talented team of engineers in support of their Civil & Coastal Engineering Program Manager.

Ransom Consulting, LLC, is a multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental company, providing value-added and resilient solutions to commercial, governmental, and industrial clients. Founded with the goal of providing a professional and personal balance that allows for a healthy & active lifestyle, and a successful career.

David Cedarholm brings his depth of expertise from a 30-year career that includes both municipal and consulting leadership roles. David has experience in client service, drinking water and wastewater systems, underground utilities, site design, asset and project management, construction, regulatory compliance, and public policy. It’s working closely with public and private clients to help solve technical issues, and mentoring junior staff that he enjoys most, which will be a nice match for his new role at Ransom.

A fun fact is that David interviewed with Ransom almost 20 years ago for a role at Ransom, and while that position was not the right fit at the time, he knew Ransom was the type of firm that he respected and would enjoy working with if the opportunity was right…That time is now, and we are excited for both David and the Ransom team!