The Benefit of Having a Recruiter from the Marketplace Industry

When you’re selecting a search firm to partner with to boost your recruitment efforts, you’re looking to find someone that you can trust. You want to be able to trust the search firm that they’ll be able to find the best candidate for your particular organization.

One way to quickly lose trust in a partner is when they demonstrate a clear lack of knowledge about your industry. When a recruiter doesn’t understand the inner workings of your field, they face an uphill battle on finding you the perfect candidate to thrive in your unique business environment. However, if you use a recruiter who has a background in your field, you’ll quickly be able to trust that they’ll find you the best possible fit.

Below are some of the benefits of having a professional from the marketplace industry serve as your recruiter.

Intimate Knowledge of Industry

A recruiter with a background in retail will possess an intimate knowledge of your industry. That knowledge will be a huge asset for them as they get to know your business environment, culture, and the role dynamics of the position you need to fill.

Knowing the industry gives the recruiter insight into how retail professionals talk, which greatly improves communication. They’ll also know about your common pain points and the problems that you need to be solved.

Working exclusively in marketplace talent acquisition, the recruiter will also be able to leverage their network and business relationships to provide you with the best talent pool.

Understanding of E-commerce

The explosion of E-commerce has presented a number of opportunities and challenges for the retail industry in recent years. One of those challenges has been hiring. The traditional succession planning structure that has existed in the retail industry for years has been disrupted, as the tenured employees who have served in the industry long enough to step into larger roles, simply don’t have the E-commerce training required to operate in the changing environment.

Conversely, candidates that have the requisite E-commerce experience might not have experience in the other facets of the retail industry or might be quite a bit younger than usual for the role.

Recruiters that have extensive experience navigating the hiring challenges brought upon by the boom in E-commerce. They’ve dealt with the difficulties and have learned how to identify candidates that can guide your team through the E-commerce age of retail, while also blending in with the rest of your team.

Understanding of the Importance of Getting the Right Candidate

A recruiter from the retail industry will have a great understanding of how imperative it is to get the right candidate. The right candidate for your retail position not only represents a technical fit for the requirements of the role, but they also will represent a cultural fit with your organization. Company culture is hard to build but can be easily destroyed. By bringing in a candidate who doesn’t fit with the existing company culture, the culture itself becomes vulnerable.

Another important element to making the correct hire is understanding the growth structure of the role and organization. A recruiter with experience in your industry will have knowledge about the succession planning and growth structure in your field. This knowledge will help them ensure that the candidate they bring you fits within your growth expectations

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