Hiring Initiatives During Times of Crisis

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Hiring Initiatives During Times of Crisis
By: Chris Kelley

We all understand that we are working and living in unprecedented times during the current global pandemic. As we continue to manage through this crisis, hiring new employees can understandably become a very low priority for many organizations. Economic conditions will continue to present challenges for businesses to overcome for the next few months.

Many economists believe that when we do get through this crisis, the economy will rebound, and could do so very quickly. Here are some things to consider related to hiring in an effort to be prepared for an economic rebound.

  • Continue to assess your current and future talent needs against the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Have there been new initiatives or demands within the organization that have been created due to the current crisis? If so, will that result in the demand for new talent to manage on behalf of the company?
  • If current specific hiring initiatives have been postponed, create a plan to address when those initiatives will resume. No one has a crystal ball, however, this can assist the organization to take advantage of an impending rebound.
  • Protect your “brand.” Continue to be a leader in the markets you serve by keeping employees motivated and safe, and customers/clients happy and supported. Those are the type of companies that future employees will be attracted to.

All organizations have current and critical demands to manage during this pandemic. When we all collectively get through this crisis, be prepared by having the right talent in place to take advantage of opportunities moving forward.

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