Today’s Workplace Demographics

Today’s business leaders are facing an increasingly diverse generational workforce.  There are now four generations represented by today’s workers:  the Baby Boomers, Generation X, the Millennials, and Generation Z.  Millennials are the largest group, closely followed by Generation Z.

Each generation group has formed workplace behaviors, habits, and expectations that can be significantly different and at times juxtaposed to each other.  As a business leader, identifying, understanding, and capitalizing on these differences can help create a cohesive and high performing culture within your organization.

When recruiting new leaders, do you have a value proposition that can be tailored and attractive to each of these groups?  What will motivate and attract a Baby Boomer is much different than what will motivate and attract a Gen Z.  Something to think about – particularly as the generational workforce continues to evolve.

Written by: Chris Kelley

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